Peru Trip – Day 1


And we’re off! It’ll take us around 33 hours to get to Arequipa. Such a long journey but it’ll be worth it in the end. Flying over the west coast of Scotland surely was amazing. I’ve never seen the islands from above before.


We’re in Philadelphia just now and after what’s been a bit of a farce and unnecessary immigration process (yes, even for transit passengers) we’re at the gate waiting to board the flight to Dallas.

The first flight was just fine. No individual screens, little legroom and a sore bum, but the food was decent and so was the wine.

If, like us, you stop over in Philadelphia, you’ll have to go through immigration, collect your checked luggage and wait for the tiny clever dog (in our case Maggie) to sniff your bags. Caught our ham sandwiches (which aren’t allowed) straight away. Anyhow after a lesson on European pork we went on to proceed through security. The whole process took around two hours so make sure you have plenty of time in between your flights.

Dallas next. Dinner is on the cards.

Half a subway and a pint later, I am less cranky and a happy bunny again.


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