Peru Trip Day 12 – A delayed flight and dinner at Panchita in Miraflores

Before heading to the airport we stocked up on some sweet pastry for the flight. There is a brilliant bakery/café on Av Tullumayo that sells some excellent and cheap pastries such as chocolate croissants, cinnamon buns and cheese empanadas. We then took a taxi from there to the airport for 10 soles.


Because our flight was delayed by about two hours, we didn’t arrive at the Inka Frog B&B until around 5pm. We then wasted another hour trying to find a cheap laundry service in Miraflores, but in the end decided to just get it done with the B&B for 4 soles per kg.

The dinner place was a recommendation by the receptionist and didn’t disappoint. Panchita is a very modern, warehouse meets elegant yet rustic design kind of restaurant. It’s popular with locals, business folk and tourists alike. The menu is Peruvian (a bit on the expensive side) and very extensive. I went for the clay oven roast chicken with roast potatoes and Brian went for a selection of Peruvian street food meats, i.e. a selection of offal. My chicken was great, but I couldn’t push myself to taste the selection of hearts, kidneys, intestines, liver and sweetbreads. Brian confirmed they were delicious though.




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