Honeymoon in France – Day 1 Paris – Le Marais


We’ve decided to swap a sunny and springy Glasgow with a rainy and not very springy Paris for the second part of our honeymoon.

We spent the first couple of nights up north in Inveraray on Loch Fyne with my parents and had an amazing time just relaxing, driving through the highlands and taking pictures of the gorgeous scenery before heading off to Paris and the South of France.

Parisian hotels are known to be somewhat overpriced for the standard you get, so we opted for a AirBnB option right in the centre of the buzzing Le Marais. The area suits us perfectly; it has an array of independent shops, boulangeries, cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s really very hip and diverse and so pretty to look at.

Our room on Rue Amelot is spacious, has its own bathroom and fridge. I won’t elaborate on cleanliness as we all have different expectations, but let’s just say I wouldn’t walk around with no socks on…

We arrived at our accommodation at 3.30pm, chilled for a bit and then went out to explore the neighbourhood following the path of the Lonely Planet walking tour. Le Marais is extremely pretty. The houses look beautiful and the streets are clean. We stopped for a quick coffee at Boot Cafe to hide from the rain and continued the tour.


There are plenty of independent cafes and grocery stores in Le Marais as well as supermarkets to stock up on groceries for the evening if you don’t fancy going to a restaurant or, more likely, didn’t manage to get a place in the suburb’s top restaurants.


Our first night’s dinner consisted of a selection of cheeses, saucisson and bread… And two bottles of red. Oh well, when in Paris and all that.


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