Honeymoon in France – Day 4 South of France – Toulouse to Carcassonne


Our trip to Paris has come to an end and we’re flying south to Toulouse from Paris Orly. Easy and cheaper to reach than CDG, we invest the money we saved on train tickets in macarons from Laduree. They’re delicious and less expensive at the airport than in the shop on Champs Elysees.

Once in Toulouse we pick up our car for thebweek. We decided to hire a car in advance to make it easier to reach our different destinations and have printed off Google Map directions before we went on our honeymoon. We’re avoiding toll roads and are driving mainly through the countryside which gives us the chance to take in the French countryside and villages all of which have at least one boulangerie and boucherie.

We arrive in Carcassonne late afternoon, do some research on local restaurants only to realize that most of them are closed on Sundays. So we just head out in search of any bistro that is open and serves cassoulet – a regional thick white bean stew with confit duck and pork sausage. We find a restaurant on the main square and at 15€ the price is fair. The cassoulet is ok, not something I’d have to eat every week of the year.

After dinner we walk across to the old city, expecting quiet and charming back alleys, picturesque and silent squares, but instead end up in a commercial hotspot for restaurants, hotels and “artisan” craft shops. Not our cup of tea, so we just take a few pictures of the less touristic spots (which are rare) and walk back to our self-catering apartment.

Carcassonne was a bit of a disappointment for us. It was meant to be one of the highlights of our trip, but has ended up being the first and hopefully only low.

The walled city of Mdina in Malta is far more impressive and I guess we were just expecting to be as awed by Carcassonne as we are by the Maltese old capital each time we visit.


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