Honeymoon in France – Day 5 South of France – Montpellier


We get up early to pick up breakfast from the local boulangerie and then leave Carcassonne behind without another visit to the old city and drive off to Montpellier. I finally manage to find some canelé in a bakery and what can I say, it’s delicious and so worth the five day wait. The texture is so soft and fluffy, the taste utterly butterly, it melts in your mouth. Make sure to put these little delicious pastries down as one of your must eats when in France.



We’ve been warned that Montpellier isn’t very pretty, but we feel different about it. It’s got a gorgeous old town centre with small cobblestoned alleys, numerous bars, coffee shops and eateries. We really quite like it and love wandering around the narrow back streets. It’s very charming. We stop off for some coffee at Coffee Club and then visit Cathédrale St-Pierre, the university and Esplanade Charles de Gaulle.





Montpellier has a large student population, so there are numerous bars and pubs that offer Happy Hours. We spend the evening in one of the more popular and busy hangouts watching the world go by.


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