Honeymoon in France – Day 8 South of France – Les Baux, Aix en Provence and Nice


The drive from Avignon to Nice is over 280km (if you avoid the toll roads), so it’s probably a good idea to break up the journey and visit some stunning places along the way.

Being a sucker for dreamy hilltop villages, we decide to visit Les Baux which is a good 30 minute drive south of Avignon. It’s a pretty yet commercial village, but go early enough and you avoid all the crowds. Parking costs 5€ per day no matter how long you stay. There is no parking directly in the village, so you complete the rest of the journey on foot up a steepish hill. The later you arrive to visit, the longer your walk will be as parking spaces along the road fill up pretty quickly.




Les Baux truly is beautiful with its small alleys, cobblestones and magnificent views. There are plenty of restaurants and shops as well to keep you fed and occupied in case the scenery isn’t enough.

After a good two hours we drive off to Avignon – another wee city in the Provence I visited 16 years ago with my gran. It’s a gorgeous city and we’re lucky with the weather as well. Due to time constraints we limit our visit to the old part of town and Pavillon de Vendome which is surrounded by beautiful gardens.





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