Discovering Mallorca our way – Day 1

It’s an early start for us – 3am to be precise to make it to Prestwick Airport on time to catch the 7am flight to Party Central. Not that we’re the Party Central crowd that staggers about Magaluf at 3am in the morning (or 3pm in most cases) and apart from STIs doesn’t bring many other souvenirs/memories back home. We have opted to stay far, far away from the party crowd and booked up an AirBnb place in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere to be defined in our case as the Tramuntana mountain range. It is stunning. All you can see from Casa Magica are the surrounding mountains.

We’ve had an easy and relaxed day. Spent an hour in Palma to waste some time and then drove up the narrow mountain roads to get to our holiday pad. We’ve made friends with the house cat which from here on will be referred to as kitty cat and then looked up places for dinner in Esporles which at 4km distance is the closest village to where we’re staying.

There are only a few places to choose from in these neck of the woods (where a rental car is essential), so we decided to trust the locals and go with Restaurant de Canet which turned out to be an excellent choice. 

The restaurant was empty when we arrived just after 8pm but a few more diners joined throughout the evening. The food is excellent and by Scottish standards inexpensive, generously portioned yet delicious and really well cooked. The service was more than welcoming and made you feel at home. Even though we only had a bottle of wine, one starter and two mains between us we managed to spend 2.5 hours in de Canet chatting away to the waiter and the table next to us. We even got offered two free liqueurs to round-up the meal. What a great experience! Hopefully we’ll have enough time to go back.

We also drank our first Mallorcan wine – full bodied, but not too heavy and full of flavour. Needless to say we’ll have more of that. 


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