Discovering Mallorca – Day 2 – Palma de Mallorca

It’s already 11am by the time we reach the historic centre of Palma. We left our hilltop accommodation quite late, but also spent half an hour looking for free parking which we eventually found right outside the city walls – approximately a 15 minute walk away from La Catedral. There are plenty of underground parking spaces around the city, but that would have been too easy. The money we saved on parking got invested in beer. So it’s a win-win for me.

We follow the Lonely Planet’s walking tour which unfortunately was the least exciting walk we haver completed that was described in the guide book. Palma is a beautiful city though and if you get away from the main shopping streets to discover the narrow back alleys you’ll find picturesque courtyards and tranquil plazas worth a picture or two.

Before heading for lunch we have a quick coffee at a place we “discovered” yesterday – Ca Na Cati. It’s a cafe/bakery that sells typical Mallorcan sweet and savoury pastries as well as cheap and tasty coffee. It’s a really popular place and a real treat amongst the other cafes on the plaza. There’s always a queue, but you can expect to get served really quickly.

I have a read a few very positive things about Spanish craft beer so was determined to try some and used “researching restaurants” as my excuse to stop at Cafe Antiquari which used to be an antique store but has been turned into a cafe/bar/bistro. A lot of the decor is reminiscent of the cafes history, but it is tastefully done throughout and not tacky like other retro bars . 

They have a small selection of craft beers. We opt for the most interesting sounding ones; La Socarrada which is a honey and rosemary flavoured golden coloured ale brewed with barley, and Er Boqueron which, paler in colour, is brewed partially with sea water. Both taste great, are full of flavour and come from the same brewey in Valencia, but I prefer the honey and rosemary one. Probably because it’s a combination I have never tasted in beer before.

After the small detour we have lunch in a place called Celler Premsa – a typical traditional restaurant renowned for its great value menu del dia which consists of a starter, main, dessert and a drink for 12.75€. Bargain! It’s not the best food we’ve ever had and not as good as the food we had at Restaurant de Canet last night, but it’s decent and portions are quite a good size too. It was really busy inside and the diners were mostly local which is never a bad sign. The menu del dia was only available in Spanish, but the standard menu was translated into English as well. 

On the way home, we stopped at one of the many German discount supermarkets available on the island to get supplies for breakfast and dinner. We’re still pretty full up though, so it might just be a glass of vino tinto, well more likely two, before bed tonight. 

I also made a new friend. Quite furry and not my usual type but really cute nonetheless.


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